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Freebie Wednesday!

NateTaylor_journeystone2_04 NateTaylor_journeystone2_06 NateTaylor_journeystone2_08 NateTaylor_journeystone2_09

The word “free” is the cocaine of the English Language.

“FREEEEE?” You say, drooling a little. “Yes,” I respond coolly. From the dark folds of my vast trenchcoat I produce a box, which I deftly unlatch. It snaps open, and inside you see…

Journey Stone Books I & II, now FREE to download!

Get ’em while they’re hot at this link. Enjoy!


What the Jon say?

Jon Fox- what is your sound?

Probably something cataclysmic and jaw-dropping.  Check out these eye-numbingly fantastic pieces.

RGB Emporers Dream -oil on canvas- 200 x 140 cm -2010Jon Fox, Emperor’s Dream, 2010

RGB Portal -oil on canvas- 200 x 140 cm -2010Jon Fox, Portal, 2010

RGB Scarecity -oil on canvas- 210 x 140 cm -2010Jon Fox, Scare City, 2010

RGB Solar Visions -oil on canvas- 120 x 80 cm -2011Jon Fox, Solar Visions, 2011

To see more of Jon’s work, visit his website at www.soulofagiant.com

Frank the Barbarian

So, with all the media buzz surrounding this new Conan the Barbarian movie, I figured it would be a good time to give a shout out to one of the greatest Sci-Fi and Fantasy cover illustrators of the 80’s: Frank Frazetta.

He painted a lot of voluptuous women, none of which will be posted here. Google ’em yourself. Said women graced the front covers of innumerable paperbacks, which graced the shelves of myriad book shops, which graced the streets of cities all around the world.

Our boy Franklin is best known for his work on the Tarzan and John Carter books by Edgar Rice Burroughs (someone I’ve been meaning to bush up on in my reading time), and Conan the Barbarian, by someone I’m not going to bother looking up.

Young Frank was also an avid athlete, but no one really cares. This just goes to show you: the arts have infinitely greater staying power than athletics.  Who even knows who Babe Ruth was any more?

Without further ado, here are a few selections of Frank Frazetta’s work. No further ado. I’m going to wrap up all of the ado in a Hefty bag and put it out for the trash man. If you see any ado lying around, sweep it under the carpet. But watch for carpet vipers.

Frazetta-ConanTheUsurper-1967Frank Frazetta, Cover for Conan the Usurper, 1967

Frank-Frazetta-Combat_1968Frank Frazetta, Combat, 1968

Frank Frazetta-Against The Gods_1966Frank Frazetta, Against the Gods, 1966

So, lots of muscular people; you get the idea. But sometimes these center-stage, anatomically awesome humans steal the show from Frazetta’s truly terrific fantasy critters.

Frank Frazetta-TheMoonMen-1978Frank Frazetta, Cover for The Moon Men, 1978

(Not to be confused with The Moomins)

frank_frazetta_gollum_1973Frank Frazetta, Gollum, 1973

frank_frazetta_manapeFrank Frazetta, Man Ape from Conan the Barbarian

Frank Frazetta-John Carter1-c1970Frank Frazetta, from John Carter, 1970

Aren’t those great? You only get that good at monsters by studying animals.

Frank Frazetta-Black Panther_1972Frank Frazetta, Black Panther, 1972

Frank Frazetta-Kane on the Golden Sea_1977Frank Frazetta, Kane on the Golden Sea, 1977

Fun fact: Frazetta was good buddies with infamous, irreverent animator Ralph Bakshi. He and Bakshi collaborated on the 1983 high fantasy/lowbrow film Fire and Ice, but I don’t recommend it. I don’t recommend any of Bakshi’s films, even if I do admire his spunk.

For more of Frank’s work, check out this gallery!

New Book Available

Welcome to National Toot-Your-Own-Horn Day.

Toot toot.

I’ve got a brand-new book out, the first in a series of four:

 Journey Stone: Book I

It was done in cooperation with Jacqueline Druga, a Pittsburgh native and author of many terrific thrillers.  My contribution? The illustrations!

JourneyStoneNate Taylor, concept for Journey Stone, 2014

Asrene map

Nate Taylor, concept for Journey Stone, 2014

So, is it good?  Yes, it’s very good.  Just look at this trailer.


It’s about imagination and friendship (but NOT the power of love, that’s the next book).

Check it out on Amazon.com!

Preview_Chapter7Nate Taylor, Journey Stone, 2014

preview_Chapter8Nate Taylor, Journey Stone, 2014