Surrealist Sunday

Surrealist Sunday

Technically it’s not Sunday.  But in your dreams, it could be…

There’s a big brown rotten soft spot in my heart for Surrealism.  Dali, Magritte, de Chirico, all those crazy guys (especially Dali).  But somehow, I hadn’t heard of Zdzisław Beksiński until more recently.

I love Dali’s silky smooth surfaces and sun-washed palette.  I love Magritte’s mind-bending ideas and tight rendering style.  I love de Chirico’s eerie shadows.

But Beksiński is my favorite Surrealist, hands down.  Why?

Dali, Magritte, and de Chirico all seem limited in their colors and concepts.  But Beksiński lets a story define the colors, composition, and subject matter; his work covers a much larger territory than these other better known artists.  Plus, he’s Polish.

Unfortunately, he left many of his works untitled.  Lazy Nate Taylor is just going to put the date.


(Beksiński, 1978)


(Beksiński, 1978)


(Beksiński, 1978)


(Beksiński, 1978)


(Beksiński, 1979)


(Beksiński, 1979)


(Beksiński, date not available)


(Beksiński, date not available)


(Beksiński, date not available)


(Beksiński, date not available)

When asked about his goals as a painter, Beksiński said: “I wish to paint in such a manner as if I were photographing dreams”.  Although he might have classified himself as a Fantastic Realist, I think the above statement plants him squarely in the category of Surrealism.

The works I’ve selected are less cringe-worthy.  He has a few pieces that are really uncomfortable to view; I’ve spared you this.  To see more of his work, follow this link.

If anyone knows how to properly pronounce Zdzisław, I’d like to hear from you.

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